Digital MailRoom

ETPL leverages its rich experience in mailroom outsourcing to offer end-to-end solutions for incoming and outgoing mail management.Our unique domain-specific expertise guarantees hassle-free mailroom operations (including a detailed mail report) and competitive advantage through exceptional processing speed as well as accuracy. Furthermore, ETPL is always interested in providing socially-compatible concepts for the existing staff.

Mailroom Services Include

Receiving, recording, and sorting incoming mails
Outgoing Mail Management Services
Delivering mails to relevant departments/individuals
Acknowledging receipts
Scanning and indexing (optional)
Courier Services and Cost Management
Collecting mails/couriers from individuals and departments
Recording outgoing mails

Mailroom Advantages

With ETPL, clients gain access to best-of-breed expertise, technology, and processes built over many years in the industry:

  • Customized workflow applications for managing end-to-end processes with a lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Improve overall information management by centralising the storage and distribution of important business documents, reducing lost information and lost time retrieving misplaced documents
  • Cost-effective business solutions via a hub-and-spoke connectivity model that enables a wide geographic reach
  • A large resource pool with deep domain knowledge and expertise
  • Proven scalability and a track record of delivering sustained value, consistently
  • Round-the-clock customer support

ETPL offers a fully outsourced Mailroom Management Service, encompassing hardware, software and experienced mailroom personnel.
We can also help you transform your mailroom from a physical logistics hub to a digital information hub with our Digital Mailroom service.