Digitization Solutions

Digitization Solutions

ETPL is one of the leaders in document, microfilm and process digitization in India. We have built and established a robust DMS solution that has proven its capability to scale for more than a billion documents and images for our customer spread across different remote regions of India as well as overseas. Large financial enterprises prefer the multi-lingual ETPL DMS because of its rich functionality, easy configuration and fast response times even on a multi-location network. The technical Schema and the queries of our DMS have matured over multiple complex project requirements to a data warehouse that can fetch the lowest node with relative ease. The DMS interfaces with a range of scanners of different makes and model as well as with other IT systems are being daily exercised in our scanning centers. The Digitization vertical has over 1200 trained experts for document classification, scanning, OCR, IWR, vectorization, images processing and Microfilming.

With 700 scanners across multiple locations, handling 4 millions documents everyday, the solutions team ensures error-free operations and also provides a simple dashboard to identified stakeholders. We also understand the regulatory needs of storage tenure, mirroring requirements and access guidelines mandated for different sectors.

Product Offerings


Manages all types of documents with complex work flows and searches as per requirement.

Cloud Infrastructure Solution

Providing data center cervices include storage, back-ups, web-hosting, salable servers, customizable managed support 24×7 with SLA.

Attendance Management 

Real-time geosynchronous attendance log integration and generation, it also real-time integrates with RFID, QR code enabled functionality.


Customer on-boarding tool helps to build and deploy apps faster, with built-in e-KYC. Seamlessly integrated with all majority of the CBS and DMS.


Digitalize collections operations, comes pre-configured with field collections mobile apps, front-end & back-end collections operation workflow & interfaces, multi-channel allocation engine & debt collections modules.


Unique end-to-end compliance product in-house developed to address the recent RBI mandate  for all BFSI segment.

Visitors Management

OTP based authentication to manage visitors in an organization with customized search/reports.

Healthcare ERP

Doctor service schedule and appointment, Inpatient admission reservation, Surgery/procedural booking, Patient registration, billing & revenue cycle management, Patient information: Reception area, Insurance management MIS, Payroll, Help desk etc.

Facility Management System

Highly customizable  and integrates seamlessly with existing ERP/payroll systems

Leave Management

Highly customizable and integrates seamlessly with existing ERP/Payroll systems.

Conference Room Booking

Simple tool to manage multiple conference rooms by various  requester with in organization.

Technical Capabilities for DMS Services

  • ICR
  • OCR
  • OMR
  • Microfilming
  • Microfiche
  • Data Entry and Data Processing
  • Document Management Software Development
  • Record Management Consultancy
  • More then 700 scanners in possession of varied formats.

We can process any record of any format,shape and age i.e.-

  • A4 to A0 drawing, or any customized size
  • Manuscripts to current days documents
  • News paper
  • Land Records

Our Digitization team has stiff targets to meet daily and strict confidentiality clauses to maintain. Hundreds of people are involved in digitization of billions of documents and our robust processes have helped in preventing any incidents so far.

Amrit Bagchi, Vice President – ETPL Digitization Solutions