Document Management System

Document Management System
  • ETPL DMS or EDMS provide the facility to create custom document types and associated metadata. As documents are routed for review and approval, lifecycle provide out of box solution for changing the metadata values such as tag, retention and security policy, file location in system, version creation etc.
  • Lifecycle is a required and most important feature of a document / content management solution which enables the business policies for information in the workflow. For the challengers it is fair amount of coding, whereas in ETPL Solution it is just the design. Using the pattern of document types, custom metadata can be shown in different tabs and metadata can be hidden or made viewable to users based on roles.
  • The advantage with ETPL Solution is that other competitors requires huge amount of coding, whereas within for us it is just out-of-box configuration. ETPL Solution support metadata validation such as all possible format, array of standards, security policy, retention policy by configuring the metadata rule whiles configuring the data types.
  • Data & Metadata validation can happen as early as during the upload level itself where in operator can validate the extracted data or information
  • Security features in ETPL Proposed DMS


Files are encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm that uses 256 bit key (the standard recommended by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology)


Every file’s print is stored in the SHA-256 standard using a 256 bit hash which is again a NIST recommendation for cloud storage.


Every file’s access is stored in the Log register along with the times and user details


Ensured by vigorous backup policy


Only authorized privileges are permitted on the client browser for activity rights like read, download, uploaded or delete.

Below listed are various Document management system services provided by Euphoria

Enterprise Document Management Services

ETPL DMS or EDMS provide the facility to create custom document types and associated metadata.

OMR Solutions

The use of OPTICAL MARK READER is to take the information where Mark /electronic mark was put on the page.For example, a test for a government job you ever had someone in it.

OCR Solutions

OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNISTION is a method of recognizing typewritten, printed and sometimes handwritten text in images, and extracting the text into a digital file format.

ICR Solutions

INTELLIGENT CHARACTER RECOGNITION is an handwriting recognition systems that allows fonts and different styles of handwriting to be learned by a computer during


VECTORIZATION (raster-to-vector conversion) consists of analyzing a raster image to convert its pixels representation to a vector representation

Document Image Processing Services

In today world, the business is focused in advanced ways to rise their flexibility to meet with changing market conditions.

Document Scanning & Indexing

To make something sure with high performance, having power to restrain for financial services companies to change

Microfiche/Microfilm Scanning

Although microfilm if one of the oldest art to preserve the images of the physical document but still the life spam was longest.