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Euphoria Technologies Delivers Specialized Services in Four Key Domains.

Digitization Solutions

ETPL has emerged as a leader in document, microfilm, and process digitization in India. The company has developed and established a robust DMS solution that has proven capability to scale up to more than a billion documents and images for ETPL customers, spread across remote regions of India, as well as…

Business Process Outsourcing

ETPL BPO services offer a comprehensive suite of Voice and Non-Voice (Data) process outsourcing solutions in a competitive and compliant offshore model. ETPL offers inbound, outbound calling, inquiry handling, consumer support, data entry, claims handling and a multitude of processing services to more…

Business Solutions

ETPL provides software services as per client requirements. The business model evolves into an offshore, near-shore or on-site model, depending on the context and customer convenience. ETPL’s software solution architects and designers are some of the brightest minds in the Industry. The solution…


While job requirements continuously evolve, the supply of key talent in the market is limited. ETPL Staffing and Recruitment Solution services are designed to meet your skilled manpower requirements, either on permanent roles or on contract. The need for the right fit in the right role cannot be overstated.