We offer the following services:

1.       CKYC Training/Awareness: Operational and IT System aspects, available FREE for all customers

2.       Financial Institution Registration services – Wallet Management

3.       Processing and Execution

  • Data integration with Core Banking System or Data Management Systems or Manual CKYC data entry of customer details
  • Bulk Scanning & Indexing of documents
  • CKYC compliant AOF processing of input data: Cropping of scanned images
  • Maker-Checker validation software for CKYC preparation
  • Upload of POI & POA to CKYC server
  • Audit trail reports and reconciliation

4.       Administration & Billing Services

5.       Physical records & document transport

ETPL's Service Framework


  • Single service provider to meet your CKYC compliance needs end to end: New accounts, Existing accounts, all branches. Individual, Corporate, HUF, NRI, Loans, Insurance, MF, Credit Cards etc.
  • ETPL hires on their payroll and trains the manpower on CKYC, scanning technologies and customer service orientation. Your time is not wasted on contracting, renting, hiring, learning scanner settings etc. We know exactly HOW to get your scanning done within the 350KB limits specified by CKYC.
  • ETPL has proven performance in areas of large volumes scanning of Account Opening forms. 110 crores and still going strong across more than 30 locations in India. Also trusted overseas. We will complete your project across the most inaccessible branches that you operate from.
  • ETPL’s service is uniformly provided pan India. Reduced governance overheads of multiple service providers, ETPL has formal tie-up and agreement with software and scanner service providers across India. No downtime, no excuses. Only consistent and reliable service delivery without follow-up.
  • ETPL keeps customer objectives first. Your need to comply with changing regulations is our highest priority. We will NOT waste time where service needs are critical for you.