ETPL has emerged as a leader in document, microfilm, and process digitization in India. The company has developed and established a robust DMS solution that has proven capability to scale up to more than a billion documents and images for ETPL customers, spread across remote regions of India, as well as overseas

The multilingual ETPL DMS, with its rich functionality, easy configuration and fast response times, even on a multi-location network, offers a preferred option to large financial enterprises.

The technical schema and the query resolution capabilities of ETPL DMS have matured over multiple complex project requirements to a data warehouse model that can fetch the lowest node with relative ease. The DMS interfaces with a range of scanners of various makes and models, as well as with other IT systems used at hundreds of ETPL scanning centers daily.

The ETPL Digitization team has more than 1,200 trained experts for document classification, scanning, OCR, IWR, vectorization, image processing and microfilming. The team currently handles more than four million documents a day, while the Solutions team ensures error-free operations, captured on simple dashboards and shared with identified stakeholders.
We understand and adhere to the regulatory framework for storage tenure, mirroring requirements and access guidelines, as mandated for different sectors.

Our Digitization team has stiff targets to meet daily and strict confidentiality clauses to maintain. Hundreds of people are involved in digitization of billions of documents and our robust processes have helped in preventing any incidents so far.

Amrit Bagchi, Vice President – ETPL Digitization Solutions